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The Bitch 4/20/10

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The Bitch 4/20/10

Post by TaraLea on Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:58 am

I am using the beautuful
Artwork of Ismeal Rac
You must purchase a license to use his art.
You may do so at AMI

1 tube of choice & Font of choice.
Sparkles Of Choice
Mask Of Choice

Template #7 by Me HERE

Remeber to leave some love when downlaoding supplies Smile

Ready?...Let's begin!!

Open your supplies in PSP.

Copy template by hitting shift+D on your keyboard
Close the original.
Delete the copyright layer.

In your layer pallete click on the glitter circle layer
with your magic wand click on the rectangle.
add drop shadow of choice, I used 1,1,55,7

Do the same as above for your glitterrec1, glitterrec2 and glitterrec3 layers

Colorize the shape layer, rec1 layer and wordart to match your tube

In your layer pallete click on rec1 layer
with your magic wand click on the rectangle,
copy and paste a tube of choice as a new layer,
go to selections, invert than hit delete on your keyboard.
select none, duplicate your tube layer, on the duplicate layer,
adjust gaussion blur, radius 3
change the blend mode to overlay
On the original tube layer change the blend mode to Luminace (L)

Close out all the layers except the rec1 and tube layers, merge visible,
open back up the layers

On the merged layer go to effects, texture effects, blinds
Width- 5 , Opacity- 17 Horizontal and Light from left/top both checked
Color Black.

Copy and paste your tube of choice, add drop shadow
I used 1,1,100,10

Add some sparkles where you like, resize as needed and sharpen

Click on your background layer, add a new raster layer,
flood fill with color/gradient of your choice,
add mask of choice

I added a gradient glow to my wordart,
settings used 3, 25, 100 color fat
dropshadow 1,1,50,5

Add your name with font of choice.

Crop and resize your tag to your liking.

Add your Artist ©️ and save!! Yay, You Are Done!
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial & thank you for trying it! Smile

Written by TaraLea April 20th 1010
Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.


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The Naughty Ones

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